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Lynn recognizes that each family is unique. She is dedicated in working with you to achieve the best outcome that is also realistic. She’s hardworking and well respected by her peers. Lynn is known for being a good writer and crafting detailed agreements that are easy to comprehend with the goal of reducing conflict and disputes amongst the family. 

Lynn has over 30 years of experience with families in Wisconsin courts. She has experience with various types of family law cases and brings a depth of knowledge to the table. Every case is important to her.

Lynn, formerly of Brennan Steil S.C., primarily practices in the area of family law and has handled legal custody, placement, child support, maintenance, other child related financial matters, property division, voluntary paternity acknowledgment cases, paternity and divorce cases, post-divorce motions, post-paternity motions throughout courts in Wisconsin, including complex cases involving business valuation, high income maintenance and support issues, and high conflict family legal disputes. It is her goal in her practice to improve the lives of children and parents of divorce. She received her B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (1987) and her J.D. degree from Hamline University School of Law (1993).

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Lynn is a member of:

State Bar of Wisconsin-Family Law Section

(Positions Held: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Continuing Legal Education Committee-member, Editorial Board of the Wisconsin Journal of Family Law-member, System Book for Family Law Editorial Board-member served 2010-2011, & Door County Family Law Workshop Chair for numerous years),

Rock County Bar

(President-2 terms) Lynn has a notable leadership track record, having served as the Rock County Bar President for two terms. This experience underscores a strong commitment to legal excellence and unwavering dedication to the profession.

Illinois State Bar Association

(Member, Family Law Section) Lynn is a dedicated member of the Illinois State Bar Association, with active participation in the family law section. This affiliation reflects a commitment to staying updated on the latest developments in family law and providing clients with well-informed legal counsel.

American Bar Association

(Member, Family Law Section) Lynn holds a distinguished membership in the American Bar Association, emphasizing involvement in the family law section. This association highlights a commitment to keeping track of the most current legal advancements and perspectives in family law, providing clients with up-to-date and expert legal guidance.

Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin Member

Lynn is a member of the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin, demonstrating a strong dedication to collaborative approaches to family law. This membership signifies a commitment to providing clients with solutions tailored to their unique needs through a cooperative and client-centered approach to family law matters.

Association of Family & Conciliation Courts Member

(Positions Held: President, Treasurer, and Program Committee Chair) Lynn is a respected member of the Association of Family & Conciliation Courts, an organization dedicated to enhancing the well-being of families and children through the resolution of family disputes.

Lynn has also served as Supreme Court of Wisconsin-Appointment Selection Committee Member & past member of the Board of Bar Examiners Review Committee.